Leather Air Suede Brown Dario Dining Chair - Set of 4

Leather Air Suede Brown Dario Dining Chair - Set of 4

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Color - Suede Brown

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Key features:

• Set of 4 for ease of purchase
• Suede-effect finish for a unique look
• Black metal legs that will not go out of style
• Visually appealing diamond stitching pattern
• Durable, low maintenance leather air upholstery

The Dario range offers unique appearance and appeal to any dining room. These chairs are upholstered in durable leather air fabric, a cost-effective alternative to real leather.

The leather air fabric requires little maintenance. Any spills or stains can be wiped clean with ease, making it the perfect option for a dining space. By choosing this product, you save time on constant maintenance required by other fabrics.

The Leather Air Suede Brown Dario Dining Set boasts a suede finish. This upholstery type combines perfectly with the black metal legs of the chair, and offers a retro style look. This chair will also work well with mid-century interiors, and can even be featured in more old-fashioned rooms thanks to the suede leather look. Thanks to the more contemporary shape and the black metal legs, it can also go well with more modern spaces, offering great versatility.

The simple, elegant silhouette of the Dario range offers great versatility, matching various interior styles. The inner sides of the chair feature a diamond lattice pattern, making the chairs stand out visually despite their simple design.

Whether you are working on a new dining room or want to replace existing dining chairs, the Dario range is the perfect and versatile pick. Its silhouette and design ensures it does not go out of style with new trends, and the suede brown upholstery can be a standout feature of your dining room.

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  • Height: 81 cm
  • Width: 53 cm
  • Depth: 47 cm

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