Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can sit on an accent chair. Accent chairs, also known as occasional chairs, are designed as another type of seat in furniture arrangements. These chairs are meant to bring colour and style to your space. These can act as small arm chairs, living room chairs, or a statement chair for any room.

When selecting an accent chair, the colour choice is a matter of personal preference and the desired effect in your room. Opting for a different colour can help brighten up your space and add a touch of vibrancy. Consider complementary colour combinations such as pairing golds with blues and greens for a sophisticated look. Currently, trendy colours for accent chairs include pink, blue, and green, as people move away from traditional greys and magnolia themes. Additionally, multicoloured patchwork items can be a great choice to liven up any space, being unique and eye-catching statement chairs. Explore our selection of accent chairs, occasional chairs, and statement chairs to find the perfect colour and style for your desired ambience.

All our items, unless stated otherwise, come with 1-year manufacturing warranty.

You can find the measurements on the listing of the item you are interested in under “Dimensions”. A diagram with measurements is also included as the last picture on the listing.

There is no possiblity to only remove the wheels from the front feet, however the entire leg can be unscrewed and replaced with a straight leg.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Both occasional chairs, such as accent chairs or tub chairs, can provide excellent options for reading and elbow support. When selecting a chair for this purpose, we would recommend paying close attention to the height of the back and arms, as well as the overall design of the chair. Whether you choose an accent chair, tub chair, wingback chair, or even a recliner chair, it is important to prioritise comfort and proper support for your reading sessions. Regarding the aesthetics of your space, mixing and matching different chair styles can create an interesting and visually appealing look. If you are considering having both an accent chair and a tub chair, or even incorporating other chair
designs, we would be more than happy to assist you in selecting complementary colours or styles that harmonize well together.

Leather Air, also called microfibre leather, is a synthetic material which is made to look and feel like real leather. It does not contain any genuine leather at all, and contrary to bonded leather it consists of one piece of fabric instead of leather scraps glued together. Due to this, it does not peel over time and is fully vegan. We have two types of finish of the fabric: smooth leather finish, and structured suede finish. We use both types for upholstery of our items, including a variety of occasional chairs. You can also find a suitable recliner chair, a wingback chair, or a chaise lounge in this material.

No, there is no possibility to change the colour of the feet.

Please email us at or send us a live chat to order a sample.

We accept payment in full by a credit/debit card or you can split the payment into 3 installments with Klarna. You will be able to choose this option at checkout.
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The seat cushion is not removable for any of our occasional chairs, recliner chairs, or tub chairs. Some wingback chairs and sofas may have removable cushions, please send us an e-mail at to find out if the one you are interested in has removable cushions.

Our chairs are built on wooden frames. Most commonly the frames are made of alder, pine and oak wood.

You can find the assembly instructions on the listing, please scroll down to “Product Attachments” and download the file. If the file is not available please contact us :

Yes, the assembly is not complicated - your chair comes packed in one box along with assembly instructions that are easy to follow. A recliner chair may require more assembly than occasional chairs or wingback chairs. Chaise lounge products include assembly on delivery, and you can upgrade to a premium delivery to have any item assembled for you.

Yes, the wingback chair is a popular choice in interior design. Its timeless and elegant design, featuring a high backrest and winged sides, adds sophistication and comfort to any space. Explore our selection of wingback chairs for options
in velvet, and leather air.

The structure of a wingback chair makes for an excellent choice in regards to comfort. For relaxing by a window or a fire, few chairs are as cosy and comfortable. Wingback chairs provide great back support, and adequate armrests for comfortable seating.

No, each chair is unique - due to the nature of patchworking, the item delivered will differ from item shown in the picture. The design remains the same, but the layout and distribution of the patterns differs. This applies to all of our patchwork items, including occasional chairs, and each accent chair, wingback
chair, chaise lounge, and tub chair in stock.

Mixing and matching different types of furniture is very popular. A chaise lounge can perfectly fit into some spaces, and be complimented with occasional chairs. It also serves as a great and useful addition to a bedroom, or a living room; it can also play the role of a decorative accent piece to bring out the desired
accent colour.

Chaise lounge and chaise longue are two different spellings of the same type of furniture piece. "Chaise longue" is the original French spelling, which translates to "long chair" in English. "Chaise lounge" is the Americanised version of the term that is nowadays commonly used in the UK.

A chaise lounge works perfectly near a window for reading. Also useful when dressing, helping you change clothes or shoes.

The chaise lounge provides comfort, designed for one person to stretch out on it, making them perfect for reading, relaxing, or a quick nap.

If the occasional chairs are of a different design, they can be tied together with the same upholstery. An accent chair is meant to liven up the space and bring to attention the accent colour in the room; very often contrasting colours or designs go well together. Two of the same can look good but otherwise mix and match – make them a feature of your room.

Delivery for small accent chairs, occasional chairs, and tub chairs is 3-7 days via courier service. All bigger items are on a 1-2 weeks delivery timeframe, including each chaise lounge and big recliner chair. You can upgrade your courier delivery to premium starting at £49.

A tub chair is great as a slipper accent chair for you bedroom or an occasional chair in a hallway. Also great for reception areas. Tub chairs are now used elsewhere in the house as a trendy accent chair, with the new trend for bright coloured occasional chairs in living rooms and bedrooms.

A tub chair is a round barrelled chair with no regular armrests. The design is thought to have originated from around 1850. Tub chairs are sometimes called bucket chairs.

Our patchwork items are printed onto a crushed velvet fabric, which provides for an interesting, textured look and feel of the fabric.

Yes! you can find them here.