Teddy Boucle Fabric White & Beige Jolanda 2 Seat Accent Chair

Teddy Boucle Fabric White & Beige Jolanda 2 Seat Accent Chair

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Key features:

• 2 seat configuration for ample seating space
• Neutral colours suited for various decor styles
• Sturdy construction with a focus on durability
• Dual-tone teddy boucle fabric in white and beige
• Geometric shape with smooth angular edges

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The Teddy Boucle Fabric White & Beige Jolanda 2 Seat Accent Chair is an elegant accent furniture piece designed to offer comfortable seating for two. It is upholstered in a white and beige teddy boucle fabric, notable for its soft, curly texture. The accent chair's two-toned nature, with the white on the exterior and beige on back section and cushions, contributes to its visual interest and allows for versatile placement in various interior colour schemes.

The chair's form factor is influenced by modern design principles, with clean lines and a broad, welcoming seat that accommodates two individuals without compromising on personal space. The design includes a sturdy frame and an emphasis on ergonomic support, ensuring both longevity and comfort.

Low-profile legs provide a stable foundation while maintaining the chair's sleek silhouette. The Teddy Boucle Fabric Jolanda 2 Seat Accent Chair draws inspiration from both contemporary and mid-century styles, making it suitable for a range of decor settings, from modern urban apartments to more traditional homes. It serves as a practical seating solution that combines style with functionality.

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  • Height: 74 cm
  • Width: 133 cm
  • Depth: 67 cm

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