Fabric Gold Patchwork Tricia Tub Chair

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Key features:

• Compact size ideal for smaller spaces
• Expertly crafted with black legs that complement the upholstery perfectly
• Modern take on classic tub chair design, adding personality to any room
• Luxurious and durable Fabric Patchwork ensures the chair will stand the test of time
• Stunning Chairs' signature Fabric Patchwork with colourful flowery and striped patches

Patchwork items vary in pattern layout but keep the same overall design.

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The Tricia Tub Chair is the perfect choice for those seeking a touch of extravagance in their interior design, with Stunning Chairs' signature Gold Patchwork. A perfect blend of style and comfort, this chair is a modern take on the classic tub chair design and its compact size, making it ideal for smaller spaces. Tub chairs are known for their curved and compact design, and the Tricia Tub Chair is no exception, making it a fantastic addition to any room in your home.

Crafted with expert care, the Tricia Tub Chair boasts black legs that complement its Fabric Gold Patchwork upholstery perfectly. The Stunning Chairs' Fabric Patchwork is a unique and striking mix of colourful flowery and striped patches, adding a touch of personality to this stylish tub armchair. The Fabric Gold Patchwork is both luxurious and durable, ensuring that your new favourite chair will stand the test of time.

The Tricia Tub Chair is an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their home decor. Its compact size makes it a versatile piece that can be placed in a range of settings, from the bedroom to the living room. The chair's comfortable cushioned seating and backrest ensure that you can relax in style.

Upgrade your home with the Fabric Gold Patchwork Tricia Tub Chair from Stunning Chairs today. With its bold and unique design, this tub chair is sure to be the centrepiece of any room. Its expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials guarantee that it will be a favourite piece in your home for years to come.

All Stunning Chairs products are handcrafted and the exact size of the item may vary slightly. Due to the patchwork nature of the design, the layout and distribution of patterns may differ from the promotional pictures, making each piece a unique creation. Our items are photographed under bright studio lights, and may appear slightly darker in different environments. All of our items are fully compliant with UK fire regulations meant for personal use.


  • Height: 74 cm
  • Width: 70 cm
  • Depth: 67 cm

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