Black Wood Veneer Savannah Dining Table with 6 Black Fabric Savannah D

Black Wood Veneer Savannah Dining Table with 6 Black Fabric Savannah Dining Chairs Gold Chrome Legs

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Key features:

• Six black fabric chairs
• Gold chrome leg finish
• Rectangular tabletop design
• Black wood veneer tabletop
• Contemporary and elegant style

The Black Wood Veneer Savannah Dining Table is designed with a sleek and modern sensibility, ideal for contemporary dining spaces. The tabletop features black wood veneer, offering a classic rectangular shape that provides ample dining space. Its clean lines and smooth finish showcase the table's understated elegance, while the sturdy build ensures it is a practical choice for everyday use.

Supporting the table is a set of striking gold chrome legs, whose modern design and reflective finish add a touch of sophistication to the piece. The contrast between the dark tabletop and the luminous legs creates a visually appealing and elegant dynamic, making the table a prominent feature in any dining room setting. The construction balances both form and function, with the gold chrome providing not only an aesthetic highlight but also a robust foundation for the table.

Completing the modern dining set are six matching Savannah Dining Chairs, which echo the table's design elements. These chairs are upholstered in a black polyester fabric, making them suitable for long dinner parties or daily meals. The chairs' gold chrome legs mirror those of the table, tying the set together cohesively. This combination of the chairs' black fabric and the metal's gleam ensures that the entire set stands as a testament to modern design, providing a welcoming yet chic environment for any social gathering.

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  • Height: Table: 76 cm, Chairs: 85 cm
  • Width: Table: 160 cm, Chairs: 46 cm
  • Depth: Table: 90 cm, Chairs: 56 cm

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